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Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

  1. What Denominations are you affiliated with?

 We are a Bible believing, Non-Denominational Fellowship made up of churches from several denominations (Pentecostal, Charismatic, Baptist, Word of Faith, etc.). We do not submit to the teachings of one particular denomination, but rely on the Holy Bible as the sole source of everything we do.  

2. What are the requirements for a Church joining Faith Fellowship International? 

You must have a desire and passion to help promote kingdom building and prepare God's people to work the ministry according to Eph. 4:11-15. Complete an application for membership online or contact us directly. There is no application fee or cost. 

3. What are the dues associated with Faith Fellowship International? 

We require Churches in the Fellowship to contribute $25.00 a month to the Fellowship and to be a financial blessing to every Pastor in the Fellowship once a year on their appreciation day. This means that if your Church joins the Fellowship, we would get your Pastors Appreciation date and put it on the Fellowship Calendar. When that date comes around, every church in Faith Fellowship International will send $100 to your Pastor/Church as a love gift. 

The $25.00 a month dues is deposited into a checking account. These funds cannot be use without the Approval of the two Council Board Members and the final approval of the Presiding Bishop or Metropolitan Bishop. Upon joining the Fellowship, every church is required to elect a Financial Representative that will be serving on the Council Boards. Usually, the only time the Fellowship Fund will be used is for National and Regional Convocations (for travel, payment of guests and services, and any emergencies that might happen within the Fellowship).  

4. I noticed that your Fellowship has several Pastors referred to as Bishops and Elders. 

We take a very non-traditional, but wholly Biblical approach to the office of Bishop and Elder. The Fellowship is very confident in placing godly men in this position. If a Pastor or Overseer do not have a desire to become a Bishop then it is their right to choose and will not be denied membership into the fellowship. Remember the purpose for the fellowship is to network with churches around the world and build up the body of Christ according to Ephes. 4:11-15. 

5. How does one become a Bishop? 

According to I Timothy 3 and Titus 1, that a man need only the desire and ready to meet the qualifications mentioned. The person desiring such an office would need a letter from his church stating that he has been elected or chosen by their body to be Bishop. After receiving the letter, that Pastor would fill out a formal application, which will be reviewed by the Council of Bishops. An investigation team will be assigned to that Pastor to confirm that he has truly met the biblical qualifications of Bishop. Once the investigation has ended in the positive, that person will be notified by the Council of Bishops and be decreed as either Bishop-Elect or Bishop-Designate, according to how his church body received him as Bishop. A date will be set for Consecration and the preparation for Bishopric will begin. 

6. Is there a fee? 

Yes, there is a fee. To be honest, Consecrations can be quite expensive. We require that the Bishop-Designate or Bishop-Elect contribute $400 to his Consecration. $300 will go toward helping with any expenses that the Fellowship, Chief Consecrator and Co-Consecrators will face in preparing for the event (local travel, ceremonial materials, etc.). Fees will increase if have to travel out of town or state. The other $100 will serve as that candidates faith seed into the Faith Fellowship International Fellowship, which will be used to fund kingdom work. In addition, we do use Episcopal Garments in our Consecration Ceremonies. The candidate will be required to purchase them at their own expense, or that of their local church, if they so desire. 

7, Does your Fellowship have Apostolic Succession or Tradition? Are you associated with any other Fellowships in the United States or abroad? 

We do not profess, claim, or even embrace the teachings, ideals, or practices of Apostolic Succession, Tradition or anything similar to it. We believe in the practice of Consecration (as well as all other Christians and non-Christian religions do), but we do not practice it according to the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican/Episcopalian traditions. Biblically, the term Bishop was used synonymously with pastor, overseer, and shepherd. The Bishop in Biblical times was the local church elder appointed to lead that congregation. It was the Catholic Church in its Councils, which gave the office of Bishop a monarchal role of overseeing groups, areas, and provinces of Churches. Biblically, this was the role of the original Apostles (including Paul) to oversee the different regions of Christendom. Biblically, the role of the Bishop was to serve the local church. This is what we believe (The Bishop is a servant leader to the body of Christ). 

This is not a judgment against Fellowships or Catholic Churches that practice it. This is only what Faith Fellowship International believes in light of the Holy Scriptures. We do recognize, respect, and honor all Apostles, Archbishops, Prelates Etc., for such are some of our friends. We are not governed by any of these bodies and do not seek their acceptance or validation. However, we agree to and are willing to work in unity and fellowship with all to promote, build and strengthen the Kingdom of God through the Body of Christ. 

Bishops and Elders consecrated in our Fellowship receive the full respect, recognition and financial, moral, and spiritual support of Faith Fellowship International Churches and the Council of Bishops. All Bishops and Elders receive documentation of Consecration, Credentials and Official Membership Certification, as they would in any other Fellowship. 

8. Will the Fellowship have any power or authority over any Pastor in or church, if they join the Faith Fellowship International? 

The answer is No! This fellowship does not take authority or power over Pastors or their churches. Every Pastor is expected to pastor his or her congregation according to their rules, regulations, constitution or by-laws as God gives them the ability to do so. The Fellowship Council of Bishop's will only assist with mending relationships between Pastor's and their congregations through prayer and wise counseling with the help of the Holy Spirit. 

 If you have a question that was not addressed, please email it or call us!