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Birth & Vision Plan

 Faith Fellowship International Birth

Bishop Baines called a meeting with his Son in the ministry Pastor George Sanders for a one-day meeting of the minds conference, held February 13, 2010 at the Heart of Faith Worship Center in Houston for interested pastors, overseers, evangelists, missionaries, evangelist, teachers, laypeople and churches. Plans were laid and the Faith Fellowship International was born. Temporary officers were elected to serve until the immense National Convention Convocation. In the latter part of 2010 a meeting of the minds came together to form elective members and design the rules and regulations to fit the needs of the body of Christ. This meeting was so powerful and inspirational that pastors, overseers, evangelists, missionaries, evangelist, teachers and lay people joined this Fellowship excepting John W. Baines, Sr. as founder and Presiding Bishop.

The meeting of the minds inspired pastors, overseers, evangelists, missionaries, evangelist, teachers, laypeople and churches-some who had left their denominational prisons to become free of their traditional roots-urged for a linkage with those of like-precious-faith in Jesus Christ, that the need for joining this fellowship was spawned. It became very evident that all these leaders needed to plan and work together in unity to prefect the people of God to work the ministry (Eph. 4:11-15) and become a strong force to reap the plenteous harvest.

The vision plan and purpose of God will use this Fellowship of Churches & Ministers to bless ministers and ministries all over the world. Strong leadership has been raised up, and accountability, so essential to stability in every life, has been offered. Now a minister looking for those of like-precious- faith can find it in this Fellowship-no longer thinking that "I am the only one still serving God but have a changed mind set that we (leaders) in the body of Jesus Christ are servants to our brothers and sisters." In addition, because we will love each other as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has commanded by this others will know that we are his disciples.

Archbishop John W. Baines, Sr.
Founder of Heart of Faith Ministries & Faith Fellowship International

Fulfilling The Vision Plan!

Faith Fellowship International has been in the developing stages for some years since August 2004. The Fellowship has followed the vision plan and purpose of God and the desire of Bishop Baines to wait patiently on the Lord to establish this immense Fellowship.

Truly the vision plan was inspired by God and has kept Bishop Baines focused and inspired for these many years. Prov. 29:18 The New American Bible without prophecy the people become demoralized..." This vision has provided the parameters for who we are, and what we do, past, present and future. The Constitution by which we are governed spells out the vision plan very clearly.

The Lord has honored the faith and commitment of both the leaders and the members, and has truly brought us this far by faith. We are poised for our greatest days of growth and ministry. With our extraordinary council staffs, the needs of our membership are better facilitated than ever before. Our Local, National and International Regions are led by anointed and inspirational men and women. Our Executive and International Council Boards work harmoniously together to provide cohesive leadership to the body of Christ. Best of all the blessing of the Lord rests upon us in a precious way.

We are very grateful for the lives and ministries of those who have gone before us. They, as David, served their generation by the will of God. They kept the vision alive for all of us. May God help all of us to serve our generation (The Body of Christ) by the will of God, and keep the vision alive and vital for those who will follow us, or until Jesus comes.